Our strategic focus

Our sustainable business strategy

We recognise that doing business in a sustainable and responsible manner is integral to ensuring our future viability. Sustainability considerations underpin our strategy and are integrated into the way we do business.

Our vision

Our vision unites us in our purpose

To deliver value to all of our stakeholders as a responsible corporate citizen that provides high quality, affordable medicines globally.

Our values

Our shared values are the foundation as we work toward achieving our vision

Teamwork: We optimise our performance by pulling together.
Our combined capabilities exceed the sum of each individual.
Innovation: We constantly search for better ways of doing things and are solution oriented.
Commitment: We go the extra mile, seeking to exceed expectations.
Excellence: We strive to be the best we can be and to deliver to the highest standards.
Integrity: Our integrity is not negotiable.

Healthcare. We Care.

Our credo underpins our commitment to create value for all our stakeholders in a manner that is responsible, transparent and respects the rights of all.

Our sustainability themes are integrated in our corporate strategy:

  • Patients
  • Employees
  • Society
  • Environment
Strategic positioning

Our strategic positioning supports delivery of our vision.

We seek to achieve this through developing a differentiated portfolio of relevant IP, creating value through our complex manufacturing capabilities and enabling access through our globally integrated supply chain.

Our market positioning is focused on leveraging opportunities presented by emerging markets, balanced with presence in more established, stable developed markets.

Through our dynamic portfolio management model, we build, maximise and reshape our basket of products to achieve a global product portfolio of niche, specialty products complemented by leading Regional Brands, aligned to our manufacturing capability.

We implement our strategy by applying the resources we have available in execution of our business model to achieve sustainable growth and value creation.

We have identified KPIs designed to provide a defined measure of performance against our strategic objectives. We track our performance by reporting against these KPIs to the Board on a quarterly basis. In this way, the performance of executive directors, executives and senior management is aligned to our sustainable business strategy. Reporting on our performance against our strategic objectives is included in Our strategic business performance.

To deliver a differentiated portfolio of high quality and affordable medicines to improve the health and quality of life of patients

Our focus areas

  • Develop and strengthen pipeline and accelerate product launches
  • Expand presence in emerging markets with a focus on establishing a meaningful presence in countries with high growth potential
  • Implement initiatives to achieve security of supply
  • Explore opportunities to reshape, optimise and revitalise product portfolio



  • Number of product recalls

To optimise the strategic advantage of our integrated value chain

Our focus areas

  • Optimise operations and drive efficiencies and reduce cost of goods
  • Achieve the transfer of the manufacture of complex, sterile products to Aspen sites over the next three years
  • Focus on supply performance and optimise carrying levels of inventory
  • Partner with multinationals to leverage excess manufacturing capacity in niche specialty sterile manufacturing
  • Advance digital transformation across our value chain



  • Gross profit percentage

To develop and retain a talented, agile and diverse workforce inspired to achieve operational excellence

Our focus areas

  • Build a culture of operational excellence and cross-functional collaboration
  • Strengthen leadership capacity across the Group
  • Harness the benefits of diversity and inclusion
  • Focus on the development and retention of required skills
  • Maintain a strong health and safety culture across our operations
  • Align organisational design to position the Group for success



  • Average staff turnover
  • Average training spend per employee
  • Percentage of females in top management roles in the Group
  • Percentage of black employees in top management roles in South Africa
  • Lost work day frequency rate ("LWDFR")

To be a good corporate citizen by conducting our business in a responsible, inclusive and sustainable way

Our focus areas

  • Maintain high governance and ethical standards
  • Enhance relationships and reputation with our various stakeholders
  • Recalibrate sustainability strategy and align ESG priorities
  • Explore resource efficiency projects to ensure security of supply and minimise impact on the environment



  • BBBEE accreditation in South Africa
  • FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Index score
  • Carbon emissions
  • Waste recycled
  • Water withdrawn
  • Electricity used

To create sustainable economic value for all our stakeholders

Our focus areas

  • Drive organic growth through maximisation of the potential of existing portfolios and markets
  • Increase operating margins and generate strong free cash flow
  • Remain alert to acquisition, disposal and collaboration opportunities which present strategic value
  • Optimise the allocation of available capital
  • Deliver economic benefits to suppliers, employees, governments, communities and shareholders



  • Revenue growth
  • NHEPS growth
  • Normalised EBITDA growth
  • Normalised EBITDA margin percentage
  • Return on ordinary shareholders' equity
  • Operating cash flow per share
  • Leverage ratio

Assurance on our KPIs

We obtain assurance on these reported KPIs through a combined assurance approach:



Internal Audit


Further discussion on combined assurance is included on Our approach to reporting

^KPI definitions are included in the Sustainability Data Supplement available online.