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About Aspen
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About Aspen
Aspen through the years
Our approach to reporting
Performance highlights
The value we create
Our investment case
Chairman's statement
Group Chief Executive's report
Engaging our stakeholders
Our global presence
Our manufacturing capabilities

Our sustainable business strategy
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The Aspen way
Our external operating context
Our sustainable business strategy
Our business model
Our strategic business performance
Financial review

Creating value through our capitals
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Intellectual capital
Manufactured capital
Human capital
Social & relationship capital
Natural capital
Financial capital

Performance reviews
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       Business segment overview  
Regional Brands
Anaesthetic Brands
Thrombosis Brands
High potency & Cytotoxics

       Regional overviews
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Developed Europe
Sub-Saharan Africa
Latin America
Developing Europe & CIS
Other Asia
Middle East & North Africa
USA & Canada

       Our governance
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Board of Directors
Abbreviated Corporate Governance Report
Remuneration and Nomination Committee Report

Financial information
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Statement of responsibility by the Board of Directors
Independent auditor's report on the Summarised Group Annual Financial Statements
Basis of presentation and accounting policies
Summarised Group statement of financial position
Summarised Group statement of comprehensive income
Summarised Group statement of headline earnings
Summarised Group statement of changes in equity
Summarised Group statement of cash flows
Summarised Group segmental analysis
Summarised Group revenue segmental analysis
Summarised Group supplementary information
Additional Group financial information

Shareholders' information
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Unaudited share statistics
Shareholders' diary
Abbreviations–manufacturing capabilities

Supplementary Sustainability documents

Please note that all the files are available for downloading in PDF format. Download the latest version of Acrobat Reader


Notice of Annual General Meeting [271 KB]
Audit & Risk Committee Report [186 KB]
BBBEE Report [118 KB]
Communication on Progress Report [131 KB]
Unabridged Corporate Governance Report [250 KB]
Stakeholder Engagement Report [151 KB]
Sustainability Data Supplement [1 MB]
Social & Ethics Committee Report [180 KB]
Bookmark [159 KB]