celebrating 20 years Abbreviations

  AGI     Aspen Global Incorporated, a subsidiary incorporated in Mauritius
  Alphamed     Alphamed Formulations Private Limited
  Annual Financial Statements     The Group and Company Annual Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2018
  API     Active pharmaceutical ingredient
  A&R Co     Audit & Risk Committee
  ARV     Anti-retroviral
  Aspen and/or Group     Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited and/or its subsidiaries as set out in note 25 to the Company financial statements, as the context demands
  Aspen Holdings or the
    Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited
  Aspen API     Aspen API Incorporated, a wholly owned subsidiary of AGI incorporated in the United States
  Aspen Australia     Aspen Australia comprises Aspen Asia Pacific (Pty) Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of AGI) and its subsidiaries, including Aspen Pharmacare Australia (Pty) Limited, Aspen Pharma (Pty) Limited, Orphan Holdings (Pty) Limited, Orphan Australia (Pty) Limited, Aspen Lennon (Pty) Limited and Aspen Products (Pty) Limited
  Aspen Bad Oldesloe     Aspen Bad Oldesloe GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary incorporated in Germany
  Aspen Brazil     Aspen Pharma – Indústria Farmacêutica Limitada, a wholly owned subsidiary of PharmaLatina Holdings incorporated in Brazil
  Aspen Finance     Aspen Finance (Pty) Limited
  Aspen France     Aspen France SAS
  Aspen Healthcare     Aspen Healthcare FZ LLC
  Aspen Health     Aspen Health LLC
  Aspen Ireland     Aspen Pharma Ireland Limited
  Aspen Japan     Aspen Japan KK, a wholly owned subsidiary of AGI incorporated in Japan
  Aspen Mexico     Aspen Mexico comprises Aspen Labs S.A. de C.V, Aspen Pharma Mexicana S. de R.L. C.V, Solara S.A. de C.V., Aspen Servicios S. de R.L. de C.V., PN North America S. de R.L. de C.V., Wyeth Ilaclari S. de R.L. de C.V., Wyeth S. de R.L. de C.V., Marcas WN S.A. de C.V.
  Aspen Nigeria     Aspen Pharmacare Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary incorporated in Nigeria
  Aspen Nutritionals
    Aspen Nutritionals Australia Pty Limited
  Aspen Oss     Aspen Oss B.V., a subsidiary incorporated in the Netherlands
  Aspen Venezuela     Aspen Venezuela C.A. and Aspen Venezuela S.A.
  AstraZeneca     AstraZeneca AB and AstraZeneca UK
  BBBEE     Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment
  BBBEE Codes     The Department of Trade and Industry’s BBBEE Codes of Good Practice
  Beta     Beta Healthcare International Limited
  CAGR     Compound annual growth rate
  CDP     Carbon disclosure project
  CER     Constant exchange rate
  CHP     Combined heat and power
  CIS     The Commonwealth of Independent States, comprising Russia and the former Soviet Republics
  Classic brands     A portfolio of 25 established prescription-branded products acquired from GSK
  DIFR     Disabling incident frequency ratio
  EBITDA     Normalised EBITDA comprises operating profit before depreciation and amortisation adjusted for specific non-trading items defined in accounting policies of the Group’s Annual Financial Statements
  ERM     Environmental Resources Management (Pty) Limited
  ESG     Environmental, social and governance practices
  EU     European Union
  FCC Cape Town     Fine Chemicals Corporation (Pty) Limited
  FDF     Finished dose form
  Global brands     Branded products owned by Aspen Global and distributed into multiple territories
  GMP     Good Manufacturing Practice
  GRI     Global Reporting Initiative
  GSK     GlaxoSmithKline Plc
  HEPS     Headline earnings per share
  HCP     Healthcare professional
  HIT     Heparin induced thrombocytopenia
  HPC     Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate
  IFRS     International Financial Reporting Standards
  IMS     IMS Health (Pty) Limited, a leading provider of healthcare and pharmaceutical market intelligence
  Internal Audit     The Aspen Group Internal Audit function
  IP     Intellectual property
  ISO     The International Organisation for Standardisation
  ISO 14001     International standard for environmental management systems
  JSE     JSE Limited, licensed as an exchange under the Security Services Act, No 36 of 2004
  King IV     King Report on Corporate GovernanceTM for South Africa 2016
  KPAs     Key performance areas
  KPIs     Key performance indicators
  LWDFR     Lost work day frequency ratio
  Mandela Day     The Nelson Mandela International Day
  MENA     Middle East and North Africa
  MSD     Merck Sharpe & Dohme
  NCD     Non-communicable diseases
  NHEPS     Normalised headline earnings per share
  Notre Dame de Bondeville     Aspen Notre Dame de Bondeville S.A.S. a wholly owned subsidiary incorporated in France
  NZNM     New Zealand New Milk Limited
  OECD     Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
  OHSAS 18001     International standard for occupational health and safety management
  OTC     Over the counter
  Pharmacare     Pharmacare Limited
  PHEF     The South African Public Healthcare Enhancement Fund
  PPE     Property, plant and equipment
  PwC     PricewaterhouseCoopers Incorporated
  R&N Co     Remuneration & Nomination Committee
  S&E Co     Social & Ethics Committee
  SED     Socio-economic development
  SEP     Single exit pricing
  SHE     Safety, health and environment
  Shelys     Shelys Pharmaceuticals International Limited, incorporated in Tanzania
  SKU     Stock keeping unit
  SSA     Sub-Saharan Africa
  Supplementary Documents     The Unabridged Corporate Governance Report including the reports of the A&R and S&E Committees, the Sustainability Data Supplement and the Annual Financial Statements
  The SSA Collaboration     The GSK Aspen Healthcare for Africa Collaboration
  The Companies Act     The South African Companies Act, No 71 of 2008
  UN Global Compact     United Nations Global Compact
  US FDA     United States Food and Drug Administration
  WHO     World Health Organisation
  USA     United States of America
  AUD     Australian Dollar
  EUR     Euro
  GBP     British Pound
  R/ZAR     South African Rand
  USD     United States Dollar